Sean Murray Weight Loss: Small Goal, Big Result

Many celebrities are in the news because of their achievements, careers, problems even their success stories. It is like Sean Murray weight loss that has inspired so many people to get their body in shape. Sean Murray weight loss 2015 becomes in trend right now due his success story in losing his weight. If you follow his series TV program, NCIS called as Special Agent Tim McGee, you may get surprised as you may look he looks thinner. Many people guess he was ill or in health problem. Is that true?

No, he is not sick. It is his success story about losing weight. You may wonder what the secret of Sean Murray weight loss is. Well, if you follow his tweets, you may know if he is on diet to lose his weight. In 14 months, Sean Murray dropping weight is 25 pounds. How he can do that? Well, actually there is no secret. In his 24 episodes of the Season7, he lost about 25 pounds. It means it is about a pound for every week. It is just like what he said in his tweets. So, you can say in a week, he lost 1 pound. That is a small goal that everyone can get.sean murray weight loss

Still in his tweets, he said that what you see today about Sean Murray weight loss will still continue. It means several weeks later you may see he gets his body changes again. It is because he is still on his diet program. Here, we will tell about Sean Murray weight loss diet. So, you can also do the same as what he has done. You can also get what he has achieved in shaping his body. The secret is still just like how you have heard for hundred times, it is by having healthy life style and healthy habit. It is really familiar for you but it does really work.

First of the Sean Murray weight loss or diet program is by eliminating sugar on his diet. Even you can say he almost doesn’t use sugar at all. Besides sugar, he also stops on consuming alcohol. He continues to do regular workout routine. So, you can say he jumps from unhealthy products and junk foods to the organic diet, healthy foods, healthy lifestyle and habit. It helps him lose his weight dramatically. He doesn’t use any extreme diet programs that promise you 25 pounds in less than one month.sean murray weight loss

The question is how Sean Murray weight loss will take time? Just like has been mentioned before that he sets a very easy and simple goal. He sets one pound in one episode. It means, in seven days, he does his diet program to lose just one pound. If you see him on TV regularly, you may not be able to recognize his change. But, if you see the first episode to the current episode, you may see he has done great thing to his body. The change is very drastic. This is an easy diet program that everyone can do.

So, if you still wonder about Sean Murray weight loss, you are better to follow his advice not to set a big goal on short time. Small, slow but sure. Then you will achieve what you are dreaming of to shape your body. His diet program is easy but you need patience indeed. He has done something great that many people are not able to do with small goal but big result.

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