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3 Steps of Target Heart Rate for Weight Loss

Target heart rate for weight loss is also a good idea to lose your weight through physical activities that will increase the heart rate. Therefore, most people also believe that a harder workout can give them better result for shaping their body as they burn more fats. The fact, most of us are wrong about it. It is because fat burning will occurs in the lower intensity. Many of us don’t realize it. So, when you are sweating when you are doing workout, it doesn’t mean you burn more fats in your body.

You can miss the opportunity to lose fats even you are sweating. The question is what should my heart rate be to lose weight? Before answering the question, you need to go to the first step of target heart rate for weight loss. It is by finding the right fat burning zone as you need. Here, you need to know the right heart rate that you need based in the heart rate zone. When your heart rate in the right zone, then you can burn more fats even more effectively. When you are in the below the zone, you will not burn the fat maximally.

You can read the target heart rate chart for weight loss or figure it out yourself. You need to know this formula. Max Heart Rate is 220 minus your age (for example, 220-25 = 195 is your max heart rate). Then, you need to determine the range of the fat burning where it is about 60% up to 70 % of the max heart rate you have. Besides that, to know the right target heart rate for weight loss you can also use an easy fitness app. There are some apps like RunKeeper, MapMyFitness and Wahoo Fitness to calculate the 5 heart rate zone you have.

Step 2 is burning more fats and not only just calories. Many of us think about hard workout will burn more calories in our body. It makes us assume that the higher calories we burn then it means the more fats we burn. Unfortunately, it is not in that way. In this technique of target heart rate for weight loss, you will know that calories you burn are not equal with fats you lose. Therefore, when you get the right exercise with your heart rate zone, it is not only for the calories but also the fats.

Step 3 is choosing workout that is right for you. When you choose the right workout that can give you the right target heart rate for weight loss, then it will be more effective in doing the workout. There are some levels of the average heart rate while exercising depending on the right workout you select. You can divide it into three. They are for beginners, runners and gym lovers. Each of them has different workout levels as well as different heart rate. It is good idea if you are with a professional trainer.

Indeed to find the right workout that can be more effective as it has the right target heart rate for weight loss, you need to ask a professional. Therefore, you will not do harder work that is useless to burn fats in your body or you will know to do harder to burn more fats. The right exercise or workout will make your time becomes more efficient and effective.

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