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Are Allergy And Asthma Related?

Are Allergy And Asthma Related? | Allergy and asthma are undoubtedly related. Allergies and asthma are generally caused by the same things, meaning it can be prevented in much the same manner. They are related in more ways than just making you feel terrible. The same things that trigger allergy-related symptoms such as stuffy nose and itchy eyes, usually also irritate the airways. This leads to various asthma symptoms such as wheezing, a sense of tightness in your chest, and short shallow breaths. Many people suffering from asthma usually see their symptoms arising after being exposed to an allergenic agent. Many are allergic to pathogens moving through the air, such as pet hair, pollen and dust. Symptoms of asthma can also be triggered by food allergies and skin allergies.

If you come in contact with something you are allergic to, the first thing you notice is that the lining of your nose becomes affected and you become congested. If instead you have an asthma attack, the same process affects the airways. The side effects of both reactions happen when antibodies in your blood are exposed to any type of allergen. Then the antibodies, while trying to fend off the allergens, create the symptoms of both of the reactions. Many asthmatic people respond favorably to allergy treatments. There is a type of allergy treatment called immunotherapy or allergy shots. This has been proven to greatly decrease the amount of asthma symptoms. It works by lowering your sensitivity to certain allergens over the course of time. If asthma is caused by allergies, it is possible to reduce its occurrence. You can stay away from the things you are allergic to, or you can take allergy medications. None of these methods is effective enough to completely control the occurrence of asthma, but in rare cases, it is safe to assume that it could happen.

Aside from allergic asthma, many also suffer from other forms and find that their asthma can be triggered by different agents. In exercise-induced asthma, the irritation takes place in the bronchi and lungs. This condition can be developed during sports or even during normal exercise when you exert yourself excessively. Another type of asthma is non-allergic asthma, which is triggered by an infection or a disease called GERD or gastro esophageal reflux disease, which affects your esophagus. No matter if your asthma is allergic or not, both can be prevented and treated. Allergy and asthma go hand and hand in many ways, but are not the same. It would be good for you to be able to recognize the difference between the conditions, so that you can promptly take care of either. The best thing for you to do is to try to get tested for allergies via skin tests that you can take at your local doctor’s office.

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