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Is the Consumption of Weight Loss Supplements Safe?

Weight loss supplements will work well if it is combined by healthy lifestyle. It is caused that body weight is riskily going up easily after the stopped consumption of weight loss supplement or drug. Furthermore, a certain supplement or drug contains dangerous formula for the body. It has been proved by food and drug legal institution finding some weight loss supplements containing sibutramine. This content is able to increase heart attack risks and stroke. That is why it is important to recognize the contents in weight loss supplements. It doesn’t make you slim but it decreases your health.

Identifying the Contents of Weight Loss Supplements

Freely sold weight loss supplements and some products may contain different formula and effects. Before buying or consuming it, make sure that the supplement has been registered in food and drug legalization. You should consider the listed contents in supplement label package. To help you in identifying the contents of weight loss supplements, here are some formula generally in weight loss drug and supplement.

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  • Effective the Content of Weight Loss Supplement

Here are some general contents in some products of weight loss supplement. The contents are predicted to effectively lose weight loss but it doesn’t mean that it has no risks. Firstly, it is orlistat. The working principle is reducing fat level absorbed by body. The side effects of this active content is weight increase drastically if no healthy life style, stomach cramp, pooping easily, and difficult absorption of vitamins A, D, E, and K. The next formula is phentermine. It is working to reduce eating appetite. Side effects of this content include diarrhea, high blood pressure, and sleepy so that it doesn’t make you driving activity. The serious side effect of phentermine is not happened on short consumption.

  • Not Active Formula in Weight Loss Supplement

Some not active formula are often contained in weight loss supplements. The formula are green tea extract, chitosan, chromium, acai berry, and garcinia cambogia. The contents are not proven yet to reduce weight actively and effectively.

  • Dangerous Formula in Weight Loss Supplement

Some products of weight loss supplements may contain dangerous formula. Some formula are banned due to very risky to the health. What are they? It is sibutramin making high blood pressure, abnormal heart beat, stroke, and heart attack. Then, it is ephedra causing high blood pressure, death, blood sugar level influence, and poisoning. Phenytoin is causing joint pain, bleeding, anemia, weak bones, and blood sugar level increase. The last dangerous formula is rimonabant increasing the risks of mood disturbance, depression, insomnia, and even suicide intention.

Being Careful in Picking Out A Certain Weight Loss Supplement

After you have identified the contents in weight loss supplement, you can classify which one the dangerous supplement is. You must be careful in picking out after classifying it. Try to check the label of its contents and understand risks of those formula. It is better to check the official distribution permit from food and drug legal institution. Then, it is not wrong to consult the chosen weight loss supplement to doctors in order to know the detailed side effects of the drug. The consumption of healthy weight loss supplement is effortless without combining weight loss workout. So, be a smart consumer and buyer.

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