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What You Need to Know About Aloe Vera Juice Weight Loss

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Aloe Vera juice weight loss is a popular idea for many dieters. It is also as a good solution as herbal product to lose weight. Although Aloe Vera diet can give you a weight loss, it is not permanent. It means it is just for a short time. Therefore, you still need to keep your healthy foods and healthy lifestyle including do basic exercise. There are also some side effects for Aloe Vera juice as many products in the market make Aloe Vera as gel or supplements. So, it is good idea to talk to your doctor first.

An animal study about Aloe Vera juice weight loss was in December 2008 by Obesity Research and Practice. They proved that there is potential for the plant sterols that are found in this plant. It can improve your body composition. In this study, plant sterols are given to the obese rats. After 35 days, it showed that those rats had abdominal fat in lower levels. This can occur to people. Another study in September 2013 also showed obese people who have diabetes took aloe vera gel during 8 weeks. The result, they lost their weight.

Well there are so many Aloe Vera juice benefits. In weight loss term, it is because of the effect of laxative. The effect of laxative can lose more weights of the certain period of time of consumption. But, when you take laxative to lose weight, there can be some side effects that you may also find in general ways of Aloe Vera juice weight loss. The side effects can be in the electrolyte imbalance. It can cause weak muscles, numbness, irregular heartbeat, seizures, paralysis and heart attack.

There are also other Aloe Vera juice side effects that may occur as it is made in juice. This is especially for you who make Aloe Vera juice weight loss by combining both gel and aloe latex that are from the leaves. When you take aloe orally, then it can cause vomiting, nausea, low potassium levels, abdominal cramps and diarrhea. For people who have allergy with garlic or onions and tulips may also experience the same allergic reaction when they drink aloe juice.

Other risks of Aloe Vera juice weight loss should be underlined. Pregnant women should never consume aloe. Consuming aloe vera in long time can increase cancer risk or hepatitis. Aloe also can make a bad effect for the bleeding risk during a surgery. There are still more other risks that can be really dangerous for your health. That is why before you take this aloe vera juice to lose your weight, it is good idea to ask a doctor.

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Well, Aloe Vera juice weight loss can be good in certain reasons but you cannot ignore the side effects. You need to know more about pros and cons of aloe vera juice for losing weight. At least, you go on this diet under the suggestion of licensed trainer, physician or doctor. So, you will get the right amount of the juice as well as get the result as what you want, lose more weights to make your body in shape.

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